HappyBasket Lite (beta version) released


As many other applications you can create your shopping lists, but with HappyBasket you can insert also the price of each product and you will be able to understand if it convenient or not, thanks to the app that will compare it with similar products in other lists.

This is usefull when you create your shopping list choosing the products from the leaflets of the grocery or malls with special offers's ads: instead of annotating them on post-it, you can create your shopping list using this application, and as soon as you added a product you can see immediatly if it is really cheaper than the others, thanks to a green, yellow or red ligth shown in the screen.

So when you are at the shop, with a quick check on HappyBasket you understand if it is really convenient to buy each products!

Save time and money with HappyBasket!



main screen create new list screen products list screen shopping list screen

Download and install

The application is available on Android market.

Click here to download HappyBasket Lite

Click here to download HappyBasket Pro

Comparison table for Lite and Pro version

Lite Pro
number of lists 8 unlimited
number of products in lists 8 unlimited
quick insert mode not available available
archive not available available (in next version)


January 2012
Version 0.6 of Lite and Pro application released
December 2011
First Lite version released for beta testing (v.0.5)

Contact information

Mobile application developed by

Stefano Minella
E-mail: happybasketspecialoffers@gmail.com


version pro: Image1

version lite: Image1